why us

Professional, Efficient and Affordable

We offer professional services at the lowest prices possible and respond to client concern efficiently. Our technicians are trained to carry out the job to meet predetermined standards and to address the customers concern.

Training and Development

TOP CHOICE CLEANERS places a lot of emphasis on training and all training courses are employer funded. TOP CHOICE CLEANERS believes that employees who receive continuous training are more likely to show greater motivation and commitment to our clients and the industry. All staff members are monitored regularly to ascertain their current standards in particular aspects of their work.

Top performers have excellent opportunities for growth as TOP CHOICE CLEANERS has a policy of promoting within, and advertising for new vacancies internally prior to advertising externally. This availability of career opportunities contributes to higher retention of skilled staff.

TOP CHOICE CLEANERS Supports “Green Initiatives”

  • Bio degradable chemicals
  • Environmental  Best Practices
  • Eco-Friendly equipment
  • Water reservation
  • Responsible use of resources

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    Quality Management

    To enable us to provide quick and effective response to all the needs of our customer’s requirement, we have a short and flexible and yet efficient chain of command. The Site Crews assigned to your facility are directly in charge of all day to day tasks. Site Crews work closely with the Site Supervisor and in conjunction with the Operations Manager of that region. Quality Control Officer conducts random inspection of work and gives feedback to ensure consistency of high quality performance.

    TOP CHOICE CLEANERS  is also committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and to comply at all times with statutory provisions and safety procedures.

    The company adheres to Health and Safety Policy which is aligned to the relevant legislation and outlines the responsibilities of both the company and the employee.

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